***Sunday, May 26th, in a splendid location framing the 16th edition of the AKITA CUP and the 7th edition of SHIBA NIPPO, with a success
 in terms of influx of people and registered subjects that certainly determine the greatest gratification for the work carried out by our Team,
after the great commitment and a long and meticulous work of organization:

85 Exhibitors from Italy, Poland, Germany, Spain, France, Hungary, Serbia, Czech Republic;
131 AKITA members - 56 males and 66 females present (out of the tot.9 absent)> <26 SHIBA present.
First of all we must thank our Guests, the distinguished Judges Mr. Otsuka Fumio, Mr. Kamazaki Haruki and Mr. Sato Hidehiko,

for accepting our. invitation, simultaneously to all the Exhibitors who have  honored us with their participation and without whom the success of this event would not have been possible.

More than due thanks goes to Miky Takayama, Patrizia Copelli, Mariella Brusca, Alex Cappellari, who with great spirit of collaboration, managed the organization of the event with us, and not least a special thanks to Mao Stregapede with her known professionalism
and ability to manage the various rings on Sunday.

Our sincere gratitude goes to all of you for having contributed to making our May 26th a truly unforgettable Sunday !!!!
Now we are waiting for you at the next editions AKITA CUP & SHIBA NIPPO in Poland on 09/26/2020
Team AKITA CUP: William Ferrari - Andrea Bordone - Enzo Culotta

... some words of our illustrious judges .....
"from YOUCHIKEN to SEIKEN there are beautiful Japanese dogs, almost like those found in Japan.
I was deeply happy to judge these beautiful dogs.
Thank you for the hospitality." Otsuka Fumio

** "After AKITA CUP !!
I was thrilled by the beauty of the West Garda Hotel location. The hotel, meals and services were all good.
I found many quality dogs in Italy (Europe). Especially the reception of the organizers, the exhibitors and the visitors made
me feel very good and I was moved. I thank everyone who was present.

I would like to come back here, I don't want to go back to Japan anymore !! I hope to meet again one day. thanks a lot
Dear President, dear brothers, dear European friends

I was appointed as judge of this edition by NIPPO, thank you for letting us find the wonderful conditions to judge. Thanks a lot. I perceived the love and passion of President Ferrari, Mr. Bordone, Mr. Culotta, all the staff and lovers of Akita and Shiba from all over Europe. And I was moved to feel the friendly atmosphere. As soon as I arrive in Japan, I will tell you all about this wonderful exposure to NIPPO colleagues.
Thank you again for having made me have this beautiful experience of participating in this exhibition as a judge.

Keep your history and experiences dear and wish you more and more prosperity. Italy and Japan are two distant countries but the love and passion for Japanese dogs are the same, for anything do not hesitate to ask me and I will gladly cooperate.
I can't wait to meet again one day. Thanks thanks thanks"
Nihoninu Hozonkai judge Saito Hidehiko